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Note: The demand for high quality education is extremely high across the state, which means waitlists everywhere are extensive. Thank you for your patience in this process. 


 We maintain an ongoing waitlist for all rooms should we be at maximum enrollment for the days desired. It is best to join that list by completing this form as early as possible. If it is determined there is a spot available, you will be invited to tour the center. 

We enroll children off the waitlist in the following order:

  • children of TICC staff 

  • siblings of currently enrolled children


Should there be space available without waiting, we ask that you:

  • Tour our center

  • Attend one pre-enrollment conference (for parents/guardians) with the classroom teachers and a "play date" for your child to get to know the teachers, children and spaces

  • Complete all necessary paperwork

The enrollment papers and deposit are typically required five business days prior to the start of enrollment. All necessary forms and procedures can be obtained by contacting the Director, Vicky Senni, at 802-229-4047, ext. 221 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: If a prospective family is interested in joining Turtle Island in the middle of a school year, in order to "hold the spot," they are asked to pay the tuition rates for the months leading up to the child's arrival. Siblings of currently enrolled children may "hold the spot" by paying the tuition rates for the months leading up to the child's arrival, at a 50% discount.

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